• September 20 - October 19
  • Mie Olise Kjærgaard
  • Absolute Beginners
Installation view of the 2019 exhibition "Absolute Beginners" by Mie Olise Kjærgaard at Hans Alf Gallery

Over the course of less than a year, Mie Olise Kjærgaard’s career has seen many significant highlights. During her last exhibition, “News From Nowhere”, which was her first Danish gallery solo in nearly a decade, The New Carlsberg Foundation acquired the main artwork of the show (‘The Woman with the Three-Eyed Hat and Her Son’) as well as several ceramic sculptures. In April 2019, represented by Hans Alf Gallery, Kjærgaard participated in Stockholm’s Market Art Fair with an immersive installation featuring paintings, ceramics and a large wooden construction created on site. And in October 2019, Kjærgaard embarks on another American adventure, when her show “Ambiguous Aggregations” opens with Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston.

Before this, Hans Alf Gallery has the pleasure of showcasing a smaller Kjærgaard installation in the gallery project space running parallel to Frank Fischer’s “Leaving London”.

In her new exhibition, “Absolute Beginners”, Kjærgaard continues the work on her utopian metropolis ‘Moirania’, which also served as the focal point in her previous exhibition “News From Nowhere” and her presentation at Market. Kjærgaard has continued to develop and work on the imagery and visions of ‘Moirania’, which in themselves have become increasingly iconographic.

As in Kjærgaard’s presentation at Market Art Fair, the ceramic sculptures occupy a central role. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Kjærgaard has insisted on turning her own pottery. This strenuous and laboursome work has resulted in a group of fantastically personal ceramic works, which, alongside a handful of larger paintings and a series of smaller ones, constitute the backbone of an interesting and thought-provoking vision of a different, more harmonious future.

Exhibition view