• May 01 - May 23
  • Erik A. Frandsen
  • Karantænebilleder (Quarantine Images)

We are pleased to announce that on May 1st & 2nd, Hans Alf Gallery will return to somewhat normal operations, as we celebrate the opening of "Karantænebilleder (Quarantine Images)".

"Karantænebilleder" is an unscheduled, spontaneous effort from one of Denmark's most acclaimed painters, Erik A. Frandsen. Painted in just over ten weeks, the images tell the story of the self-exiled artist having only his immediate surroundings to reflect upon.

The show features a brand-new series of works by one of Denmark's most acclaimed painters. From the self-prescribed quarantine of his Falster studio, Frandsen has spent the last two months observing the madness around him and painting at an almost frantic pace. "Karantænebilleder" is not as much about Corona virus and general societal crisis, as it is an artist's personal account of being confined to his studio, truly alone with his colours and canvasses. This process has yielded a unique series of paintings that are distinctly Frandsen and at the same time quite different from anything we've ever seen him do before. "Karantænebilleder" is a joyous tour de force in the mundanity of home life - especially in these joyless times.

Exhibition view