• June 17 - July 9
  • Magnus Fisker
  • The Hearth
  • Main gallery

Friday June 17th, Hans Alf Gallery invites everyone to join the opening of Magnus Fisker’s first major solo exhibition “The Hearth”, which will be on view in the main gallery. 

Magnus Fisker (b. 1992, Ringsted) is a student at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he recently obtained his Bachelor’s degree. Fisker is a painter above all, but he also experiments with sculptures in different organic materials such as wood. 

To Fisker, the act of painting is itself a continuous process; every artwork a sentence in an ongoing story about his artistic practice. Fisker’s narrative is about existing as an entity in the world, and what it means to be a part of an all-encompassing circuit: To be a piece of biology and to be connected to the surrounding environment. For that same reason, the genesis, existence, and frailty of life is also a central theme in his works. 

Fisker’s paintings exist as a conflict between dramatic and meticulous brush strokes, where the dreams and anxieties of the artist materialize in liquid landscapes. Although the motives are inspired by the artist’s childhood vacations in the Danish countryside - a fact that offers a concrete origin - Fisker’s paintings also constitute a synthesis of existing and fictitious geographical places that are dissected and reassembled anew. To Fisker, working with paint is an intuitive endeavor that must both seduce and surprise him, because this, as he himself puts it, is what helps him “understand the world and make it tangible”. 

Magnus Fisker has been working on the paintings for “The Hearth” since the fall of 2021. The exhibition, which is the young painter’s first solo exhibition in the main gallery, consists of a series of abstract, expressive oil paintings revolving around the landscape as a recollected, metaphysical phenomenon, and around life as a biological yet spiritual reality. 

On the exhibition, the artist states: 

“For nearly a year, I have worked on the paintings for “The Hearth”. For me personally, this has been a seminal year. I have lost family members but also had a child. Atoms have migrated from elsewhere and reformed as a human being, while other atoms have migrated from a human to something different altogether. From the moment I welcomed our daughter and felt her take her very first breath, I have had a strong sense that our tiny family stands right in the hearth. In reality, this is where we always stand. The next action acts as a catalyst for new developments and beginnings. The causal force of the planet. The breath of the world. It is from this exact point that the paintings of the exhibition have emerged.” 

“The Hearth” opens June 17th and will be on view through July 9th. 

Exhibition view