• December 1 - December 21
  • Louise Hindsgavl
  • Flesh
  • Project room

Hans Alf Gallery is pleased to present Louise Hindsgavl’s project room exhibition "Flesh", which opens alongside Anne Torpe's "Resonant Hues" in the main gallery.


Louise Hindsgavl ranks as one of the most important Danish sculptors of her generation. Following her recent museum exhibition at Holmegaard Værk, the artist’s most ambitious in scale and complexity to date, FLESH presents 10 allegorical tableaus in which often grotesque, gestural beings negotiate their subjectivity.

Drawing on ancient mythology, folklore, contemporary culture, and recurring motifs from her own microcosm, Hindsgavl explores the unsettling aspects of human nature. From small figurines to intricate tableaux, her tragicomic situations exude both innocence and ominosity, their mesmerising glazes making them all the more captivating.

Rendered in seductive combinations of fleshy pinks, deep burgundies, ice blues, muddy greens and aged golds, the exhibition marks a still new direction for the artist, away from her crystal-clear white porcelain figures and into the deeper, unplumbed realms of her stoneware production.

Verging on abstraction, the works read compositionally as form rather than figure, carrying on connotations of softness and voluptuousness. Their dynamic forms andglossy surfaces reveal traces of the artist’s hand and process, giving them a visceral immediacy and plasticity that reflects the newfound physicality of her sculptures.

Hindsgavl’s stoneware sculptures, which she began working with in 2020, share the same visual entities as her signature white porcelain figures, but introduces a much more experimental force in terms of the glaze work. The two directions of her practice have continued to develop in parallel, each animating and engaging the formal, experimental and sculptural possibilities of her work.


Louise Hindsgavl (b. 1973) is a Copenhagen-based sculptor who constructs complex visual narratives that engage the capacity of art to represent subjective experiences of the physical world. Often depicting figures in seemingly impossible, fragile, or enigmatic situations, her works reflect upon “how we humans are connected to all things in the physical world.”

Hindsgavl holds an MA in Glass and Ceramics from Design School Kolding, Denmark. Her work has been exhibited widely in and outside of Denmark, and her work has been acquired by New Carlsberg Foundation (DK), The Danish Arts Foundation (DK), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), and The National Museum of Fine Arts (SE). She has received numerous awards and grants, including The Danish Arts Foundation’s Work Grant, The Prince Eugen Medal and The Honorary Grant from Anne Marie Telmányi, born Carl Nielsen’s Foundation.


"Flesh" opens December 1st and will be on view through December 21st.

Exhibition view