• Portrait of Astrid Specht Seeberg

Astrid Specht Seeberg is a Copenhagen-based sculptor. Her work explores themes related to the complexities of identity, intimacy, environmental and social dynamics through an incredibly immersive sculptural practice. Her figurative creatures, sponges and vessels of fossilised or ‘sealed life,’ rendered in captivating glazes and textures developed by the artist herself, reveal the complexities and tensions of her unique relationship with the underwater aquatic environment.⁠

With a keen understanding of her material and a playful, intuitive approach to clay, her practice has evolved rapidly over the past few years. In 2022, she was awarded the prestigious Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Talent Award.⁠ To expand her field of sculpture, Specht Seeberg frequently collaborates with marine biologists, architects and performance artists.⁠

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